Location, Location, Location

Maynooth is a town located in North Co. Kildare.

A closer view of Maynooth is found here.

I recently moved here and I found an amazing amount of History and Archaeology around the place that few people really knew about.  There are hundreds of fascinating sites and places of interest in and around Maynooth and I hope to display a few of them for you over the coming months.


2 comments on “Location, Location, Location

  1. Alan Myatt says:

    I have been trying to find a photo of the 4th Duke and Duchess of Leinsters grave at Carton but have had no success , it is supposed to be near to Carton House . Any suggestions?

    • Hi Alan,

      This blog has been inactive for a few years, so I’m a bit rusty on my history!
      http://webgis.archaeology.ie/NationalMonuments/FlexViewer/……..this link is a great link to find any sort of archaeological sites you may need, if you wanted to take a photo yourself? You could also email the hotel as they have a history section I deo believe. Finally there is a local woman named Rita Edwards who has a wealth of historic knowledge, find her at ritaedwards[at]eircom.net. Oh, there is also a book called ‘Myth and Memory: The History and Story of the Graveyards of Maynooth’. Available for free in the local library


      I’m only sorry I can’t be more helpful.

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