Know Your History 3 Revealed

So earlier I asked where you would find this place.

Andy Neil wins for his correct answer (though Leanie was a close second!) of location- it is indeed found by the harbour on the road that runs down to the roost, or here if that doesn’t make sense. It’s not an old minister’s house however, but a good guess.

It’s a house called Geraldine Hall. Originally built in 1702, a later building was built by the Duke of Leinster in 1770 before it was demolished and a new front built in 1859 as a Church of Ireland Parish school. One of its main objectives was to convert Catholic students into Protestants ( so I’m told), but this it failed to do. It continued as a school until it closed around 1935. It then became a social club and it was extended at the back in 1941. Later it was used by the CYMA but now its held in trust for the use of the people of Maynooth (THAT’S US!).


Sounces:  Maynooth (Ma Nuad) by Mary Cullen

Cannonballs and Croziers: A History of Maynooth edited by John Drennan



3 comments on “Know Your History 3 Revealed

  1. Andy Neill says:

    where’s my prize?

  2. Debo says:

    You think MCC could start meeting here?

  3. Andy:Yo’ prize is in the castle! I’ll drop it into you ASAP

    Debo: Maybe! Though it’s pretty small I reckon…

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