Moyglare Church

Here is the church (and here is the steeple) of ‘All Saints’. It’s found north of Maynooth, out the Moyglare Road and seen on the left, here. Upon reading two local history books, I really can’t tell you that much! Lucky for you, there are very nice pictures so they’ll do the work for you.

It’s a Church of Ireland church (and parish I’m told). The church that’s there now is actually built on an old site. The old church existed from at least 1202 but there is not much known about it. This new church that stands there now was built in 1866 by Edward McAllister. The Graveyard situated here predates the church however, and is actually an inter-denominational Graveyard. The book ‘Myth and Memory’ below has an index of the location of over 80 Graves and their inscriptions. It’s worth checking out if you’re into graves, only ten euro in your local bookshop!

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Norman Kilcloon 1171 – 1700 by Gerard Rice

Myth and Memory: The History and Story of the Graveyards of Maynooth. Edited by Hilda Dunne, Rita Edwards, Padraig O Murchu, Fergus White.


2 comments on “Moyglare Church

  1. daithi82 says:

    Excellent pictures. I’ve learned from personal experience it is tough finding out reliable information on churches the further back you go. Although sometimes a parish register might survive.

  2. Thanks Dave. It was a nice day for the pictures alright! It might be worth looking into that alright, thanks. It’s an unused church so it was locked so no contact person, but I have to look at the main Church of Ireland church in Maynooth anyway so I might find somebody there.

    Yes, between simple history, abandonment and the reformation, churches seem to be scarce of information.

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