Preview of Maynooth Castle

In exciting anticipation of telling you about the awesome Maynooth Castle, what better way to test your Archaeological tastebuds than to link you to an amazing 360 Degree view of the Castle, compliments of , a.k.a Mr. Florian Knorn (who also took this photo).

Here is the Castle, in all it’s glory.

Not only has he an all encompassing view of the Castle ground from the outside, he’s also connected it so that you can navigate easily into both basements in the Castle, and to the top of the Castle itself. Nifty stuff.


3 comments on “Preview of Maynooth Castle

  1. PatrickM says:

    classy photo – looking forward to the low down on the castle ..

  2. Adrian says:

    Whoa, I didn’t know there was all of that stuff inside the castle. I assumed it was dark and empty…

  3. daithi82 says:

    That’s really cool. Nice to be able to see the inside of the castle as well with it

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