Know Your Local History 5?

Where in Maynooth would you find this?  Prize for correct answer! Any correct insights gets a bonus prize! ( I never published the answer to Know your Local History 4 because the picture explained it all really).


4 comments on “Know Your Local History 5?

  1. Andy Neill says:

    is it your man’s folly (i can’t remember his name.) the think up near carton house that was built as a famine relief project?

  2. PatrickM says:

    Don’t listen to that fella Neill .. to be exact its the Tyrconnell tower, rebuilt during the famine, beside the 9th green / 10th tee on the O’Meara course at Carton House, also now the symbol of the rich man’s golf club (that’s a nice irony).

  3. […] earlier I posed a question. There were some good answers and both guessed correctly the location of Carton […]

  4. Good try fellas! Check out the new post for a response!

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