Know your Local History 5? Revealed

So earlier I posed a question. There were some good answers and both guessed correctly the location of Carton House. Andy perhaps guessed Connolly’s Folly? Not correct I’m afraid. Good guess Patrick, and spot on with location (I did cycle through some greens and fairways)! However, history books inform me that the tower is known as ‘The Prospect Tower. Not much is know about it, all I can find about is is that:

1. It was built by the Talbot family who leased the estate from the Fitzgeralds

2. Not much is known about it!

Though I may be mistaken? Can you offer insight into your ideas of it being names Tyrconnell Tower, and a famine relief project?

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Sources: Ma Nuad by Mary Cullen

Exploring Maynooth: Five Self-Guide Historical Walks by Maynooth Local History


2 comments on “Know your Local History 5? Revealed

  1. On a more important note, the winner is Patrick for guessing the closest…

  2. Declan says:

    Starting at 3 pm from the car park in Carton House,on Sunday, 24th.August,2014, there is a Walk & Talk to the Tyrconnell Tower. It is a heritage Weel event organised by Maynooth Local History Group.

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