Competition Time!

Maynootharchaeology invites you to enter it’s competition!

Maynootharchaeology is looking for a logo and entries are welcome! Simply draw either by computer or by hand a logo which you think befits Maynootharchaeology. Write a small piece on why you created this logo, describing each part you think is important.

Below you’ll find some past pictures on Maynootharchaeology you may find helpful. I’ve also included some ideas to begin your design process…

  • Use of symbols?
  • Perhaps a picture?
  • Colours
  • Think history!
  • People and places
  • Maynooth’s own past
  • Blog and past content of Maynootharchaeology
  • Think outside the box

Competition closes on 20th December, so you have a month to think and implement your creations. Entries can be submitted to, where postal information is also available on request. The winner will have the rights to their logo and see it emblazoned across this international (I logged on in France once) blog! The winner will also receive a copy of ‘Cannonballs and Croziers’, a local history book of Maynooth, as well as a gift voucher. So what are you waiting for? Get designing!

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2 comments on “Competition Time!

  1. yer woife says:

    What about stickman drawings? Do you accept those?

  2. […] the competition is now closed, just so you know. Thanks for the hundreds of entries. Winner will be announced […]

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