So I’ll be going to this conference  next week. Funny thing is though, I think I’m going under the name of this blog!

I was wondering which direction I should go with my blog. If I go to conferences like this, a part of me wishes to spruce up the blog, get a domain, write reviews, etc.

A part of me goes against this however. I remember I set this blog up last year not for anybody else, not for approval, but because I had a genuine interest in the heritage around me that I wished to express. I’m not an academic, I don’t have access to anything but a local library! That’s a part of what this blog is about though. It’s having a background knowledge in things, an interest and the enjoyment and challenge of being able to explain and show the wonderful things that surround this wonderful place that is Maynooth. At least in my mind anyway. I mightn’t have the best reference system in the world, but that’s OK.

The blog is me explaining to me (and you!), in the easiest most interesting way possible, just exactly what we have going on around us.


3 comments on “Conference

  1. daithi82 says:

    I would say just go as yourself. The impression I get of this conference is that it will be mainly individuals and local community groups. Certainly not a huge academic audience. But no harm in pondering the direction you wish to take the blog in.

  2. PatrickM says:

    and a very interesting and informative guide you are …

  3. […] I said earlier, I went to a conference under my blog name not knowing what to expect. I expected many […]

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