Archaeology is STRANGE


It’s been a while since I’ve posted. A stolen laptop and a new job can contribute to that. So I was going to make this one quick. I’ve been thinking about Archaeology and it is strange. I take pictures of objects and buildings that were normal occurrences years ago and describe them as if they were of special interest. They are interesting don’t get me wrong, but a castle, however inspiring it is to look at, was simply a place where people lived. So to get me thinking about this more, I took a lovely picturesque photo of Tesco, where in years to come, some blogger from the 22nd century will take the same photo of a beautiful overgrown Tesco and describe the history of this building where people used to shop.


2 comments on “Archaeology is STRANGE

  1. daithi82 says:

    It would be very worrying if some day Tesco was to be considered a special building but who knows what strange theories they will come up with if all records of what the building was for were lost.

  2. Yvonne says:


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