The Wonderful Barn

The Wonderful Barn in my opinion, is the most impressive monument I have come across so far in all my studies of Irish Archaeology. Why didn’t they flash this image anywhere in college,and why doesn’t Kildare tourism use this more? It’s pretty unique (aside from two other similar structures nearby) to say the least. Built in 1743 by Katherine Connolly, it was a relief project to provide local people with employment during a famine at the time. It was supposed to be a place to store grain from the local clans of the O’Byrnes and the O’Tooles who visited the area looking for food. It’s a conical shaped building with an outdoor staircase of 94 steps wrapping itself around the seven story high  building. Grain was pulled up through the centre of the room and was spread on the floors to dry. The windows are made of oak and are unglazed to provide ventilation to the Barn. It’s easy to access being near the N4, but you’ll have to go through a field or two (there are nearby allotments nearby), but once you’re there you should have the place to yourself.

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References : A History of Celbridge by Tony Doohan




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  1. […] poor and her building projects: the Death House, the Collegiate College, Conolly’s Folly and the Wonderful Barn. When she died, her nephew William took over, and a couple of years later, he too passed and his […]

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