Maynooth Harvest Festival


Maynooth Harvest Festival is going to be on from this Thursday 13th until Sunday 16th and is going to be the greatest Maynooth Harvest Festival Ever!

For all you history heads, the highlight of the festival may be this:

3.00- 4.30pm Walk and Talk – Exploring Old Maynooth by Rita
Edwards, Maynooth History Group. (Meet at Geraldine Castle at
3.00pm and finish at Nuns’ Graveyard, Presentation Convent).

Here is an amazing shiny link to all the events.


3 comments on “Maynooth Harvest Festival

  1. daithi82 says:

    That looks like an interesting and very busy festival. But where are your tours of Maynooth? 😛

    • I wish! I probably need to get involved more and join more local societies, which I’ve been meaning to. Rita Edwards has been pretty much running anything heritage related for the past number of years, so I bow to her expertise!

      • daithi82 says:

        It’s always good to get involved. No matter what you plan to do with your heritage expertise in the future it’s still good fun to be helping out with these things. And it can be surprising how welcoming even the experts are to have new people taking an interest. I’ve found the same thing in Cork.

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