I went looking for Ladychapel, an old church and graveyard outside of Maynooth. I found it, though it was guarded by a big angry dog, so I’ll have to return again. Until then though, please enjoy the NEW SHINY Ladychapel church outside of Maynooth, picture only, no history….some say the best kind of history…right???


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6 comments on “Ladychapel

  1. daithi82 says:

    Looking forward to some history on Ladychapel. That is if you can get past the big angry dog

  2. Sartenada says:

    Beautiful. Very nice photos.

  3. anna connolly says:

    Please take note big” angry dog “is not guarding graveyard, but is loose in secure residential premises and does not interfere with anyone entering or leaving graveyard.

  4. Dave: There’s many great local sources around Maynooth that should help me no problem.
    Sartenada: Thank you!
    Anna Connolly: Thank you for the information. I had cycled nearby and saw a dog who barked a lot at me. I’ll take a closer look on your advice now.

  5. Rita Edwards says:

    Ladychapel celebrated 150 years this year (June 2013) – I have some information on the building of the church if you are interested.

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