Leixlip Spa

A lot of you may be wondering why I’ve been picking smaller sites than what is displayed ( or even why this site is in Leixlip). ‘Why not talk about Maynooth Castle or the College or the churches LITTERED around the place?’ Well truth be told, because they are more famous they require more work and research! Whether to tackle them in parts, or not is a question for the future, but while I think about it, you’ll have to make do with sights that are not as well-known, but that are famous nevertheless. I did mention that this blog would include outlying areas around Maynooth. …

Leixlip Spa is about 5 minutes walk from Louisa Bridge train station, near the Royal Canal, found here.

It was discovered accidentally in 1793 when there was excavation work going on, while building the aqueduct for the Canal, and a thermal spring was discovered. The Canal Company diverted some water into the hexagonal stone basin. It helped bring a lot of tourism to Leixlip, literally hundreds of people,  and there were rumours that it had curative properties – not unlike what Holy Wells are known for.

It doesn’t look quite as spectacular as the History books make it out to be these days however.

It rivaled Lucan Spa for a while, and Thomas Conolly had planned to build a hotel and pump-house nearby, but died before anything had begun. The Lucan Spa became more popular however and no doubt the Spa became neglected. It was renovated in 1975.

Go see it for yourself!

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