A great little book I’ve been reading is The Forgotten Heritage of Kildare, and it contains snippets of information on many sites around Kildare. Naturally. `The book talks about the following:

The Aylmer name first appeared in Ireland at the end of the 13th Century. John Aylmer married Helen Tyrrell and because of this the Manor of Lyons came into the ownership of the Aylmer family. in 1588 Richard Aylmer of Lyons acquired the Barony of Oughterany from the Earl of Ormonde, and with that the Manor of Donadea. His son Gerald was made the first Baronet of Donadea, Co. Kildare in 1622.

The Aylmer family remained in residence at Donadea for over 300 years. The last member of the family to live in the castle was Caroline Aylmer, who died in 1935. Sir Richard Aylmer, 16th and present Baronet of Donadea, was born in Canada. He has made many visits to Ireland. The Land Commission acquired Donadea Castle and estate in 1936. The castle was dismantled and its contents auctioned. Donadea Demesne is now a forest park.

Sources: The Forgotten Heritage of Kildare By Ger McCarthy