Why I won’t (technically) be supporting The Gathering


I was browsing the internet a while back and came across this project called the Ireland Reaching Our Project. It’s about looking up your local parish from where you’re from, and being able to trace your roots by using local sources. I actually signed up and became an administrator of sorts (not that I’ve done any work on it yet but I’ll get there) because I liked the idea. I’ve never been too into Genealogy on my own family myself, but I appreciate the idea that people from around the world can find out more about their family.

Then I found out this website was linked to The Gathering….

The Gathering is an initiative by the Irish Government to bring people of Irish descent (over 70million of them) back home during 2013. The idea is for local people or groups to organise events and invite their friends and family home. I immediately didn’t like the idea and still don’t. Many people, such as myself and  Gabriel Byrne, don’t like it, because it’s not so much about bringing people back to their communities or roots, it’s about them spending money. I have no problem with people coming over here to spend money and all the best to Discover Ireland and other such organisations who entice people to come over. The Gathering, in my opinion, is about using Genealogy  family History, heritage and even identity in an attempt to get people to come to Ireland to spend money. This I cannot support. What is your opinion?